Vaporizers heat cannabis to the ideal temperature to release cannabinoids without burning the plant matter or creating harmful combustion toxins. You inhale the best of cannabis for a cleaner high and superior relief for a range of symptoms. Because of this, vaping has emerged as a favorite for new cannabis consumers as well as lifelong connoisseurs. Whether you’re shopping for diversity, quality, or affordability of options, you’ll find a whole wide world of exceptional vapes at Elevated Delivery.

Your Trusted Cannabis Vape Provider

Vaping is easy, discreet, and delivers an enhanced experience with reduced side effects to smoking. Recent studies have shown that vaporizers convert around 46% of available THC into vapor. The typical joint converts less than 25% of THC into smoke. Less vape goes a long way. Expect effects within approximately fifteen minutes and they can last from 40 minutes to two hours. From vape oils to the most innovative accessories, Elevated Delivery maximizes every aspect of vaping benefits.

We deliver cannabis vapes to your home!

Are you looking for portability? Hoping to avoid the smell, ash, and extra gear associated with smoking? Interested in treating nausea, pain, or inflammation? Hoping to relax at the end of the day, get energized, unlock your creativity, or mellow out? Shop our vape pens, disposable/refillable carts, and more. Choose from rich terpenes, a wide range of THC and CBD ratios, and sought-after strains. Browse online anytime, place your order and enjoy the convenience of safe, secure, and friendly delivery service from Elevated Delivery, anywhere across Santa Ana, CA.

Elevating Your Standards


Super prompt responses, good first time deal, and fast delivery! Would order again. Never had a weed delivery that arrived this fast

- Arden B.

Super great delivery to be honest. I have been buying from this place about every week for almost a year now they already have moist and fresh bud. The girls there are friendly and will help you with any questions you have. They really do want to make sure you get what you want and are satisfied. Prices are a little high but overall really great place. I keep coming back!!

- Lindsey G.

Super fast delivery…anywhere from 15-30 minutes in the 3 times I’ve ordered so far. Really good selection of flower and edibles, awesome FTP gifts, and awesome people like Jorge and especially Ken the Kandy Man. Ken is sure to make your day or night every time he comes through whether it’s from conversation or some delicious candy. Overall best delivery service I’ve ever had — 10/10 recommend!!

- Gabe K.
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