The Best Cannabis Strains For Sleep and Insomnia

The Best Cannabis Strains For Sleep and Insomnia

A lot of people hit a point in their life where sleep is pretty hard to come by. It might be because you had a little too much coffee in your afternoon meeting or because you simply can’t get your brain to turn off. No matter what, being unable to sleep is a deeply unpleasant experience. Many people use cannabis to help them sleep at night, which is why we wanted to offer up some helpful information so that you can tackle even the toughest cases of insomnia. Read on to learn about the best strains for sleep.

Marijuana vs. Hemp

Cannabis is composed of two major ingredients that can assist in sleep: THC and CBD. With marijuana and marijuana products, you will receive both. With hemp, you will only receive CBD and trace amounts of THC. Though CBD is being used in sleep-aids, many users report better results with THC products since they tend to offer a deeper sense of relaxation. Any strain of hemp will likely yield results for better sleep, but different marijuana strains are known to have drastically different effects.

Consider What Is Keeping You Up

In order to choose the right strain, you will want to consider what is keeping you up at night. Insomnia is generally either mental or physical. Certain strains and types of products can be more effective depending on the actual cause. For example, an edible might be better for a restless body, while a low-dose of THC through a vape pen might be better for a restless mind. Some strains are known to cause paranoia, which can be particularly damaging for those who are kept up at night by worries or anxious thoughts. In this case, certain strains can actually worsen insomnia. This is often related to the overall amount of THC in the products.

The Best Strains For Battling Insomnia

When finding the right strains, it is generally best to experiment. What works for one user might not work for another, so don’t be upset if a strain doesn’t yield the expected results. When choosing a good strain, you will want to focus on indica or, in some cases, indica-dominant hybrid strains. Sativas are known to boost energy levels and should be avoided.

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