By now, you’ve heard of CBD. If you aren’t fully aware, CBD is the second-most abundant cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant. It doesn’t get you high or alter your brain functionality yet manages to interact with the endocannabinoid system and provides all sorts of benefits. The endocannabinoid system impacts appetite, sleep, mood, memory, immune function, reproduction, pain, and more. Although CBD does not appear to directly bind to the receptors of the ECS, it definitely influences them.

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The non-psychoactive properties of CBD provide an excellent choice for therapeutic use. There is a growing body of research supporting the effectiveness of CBD in treating multiple forms of epilepsy, stress, anxiety, depression, heart conditions, PTSD symptoms, pain, inflammation, drug addiction, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, and an extensive list of mental and physical ailments. Get the best of CBD, be sure of the quality, and enjoy wonderful accessibility by shopping with Elevated Delivery.

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We are your premier cannabis delivery service across Santa Ana, CA. Our entire menu is lab-tested, 100% compliant, and free of harmful chemicals. Advocating an accepting, secure and welcoming cannabis culture, Elevated Delivery offers a more personalized and always positive experience. Shop online at your convenience, feel free to reach out at (323) 326-6393 for further insight and explore our user-friendly online menu and simple ordering process.

Elevating Your Standards


Super prompt responses, good first time deal, and fast delivery! Would order again. Never had a weed delivery that arrived this fast

- Arden B.

Super great delivery to be honest. I have been buying from this place about every week for almost a year now they already have moist and fresh bud. The girls there are friendly and will help you with any questions you have. They really do want to make sure you get what you want and are satisfied. Prices are a little high but overall really great place. I keep coming back!!

- Lindsey G.

Super fast delivery…anywhere from 15-30 minutes in the 3 times I’ve ordered so far. Really good selection of flower and edibles, awesome FTP gifts, and awesome people like Jorge and especially Ken the Kandy Man. Ken is sure to make your day or night every time he comes through whether it’s from conversation or some delicious candy. Overall best delivery service I’ve ever had — 10/10 recommend!!

- Gabe K.
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