The Best Cannabis Strains For Energy

Cannabis For Energy Cannabis is often affiliated with time spent relaxing and lounging on the couch, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, cannabis can be used to boost your mood and lift your energy levels with time. As long as you know how to find the right cannabis products, cannabis can be taken … Continued

The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain

What You Need To Know About Using Cannabis For Pain Cannabis users all have their own reasons for using cannabis. As a fairly expansive plant that comes in many different strains, each designed for different uses, cannabis can serve many different purposes. One area in particular where many people are becoming more interested in cannabis … Continued

The Best Cannabis Strains For Relaxation: Part 2

Cannabis For Relaxation Finding time for relaxation is not a luxury, but a necessity. There are many different reasons why you might be looking to relax. It could just be that you need a way to unwind at the end of a long day, or you might be experiencing higher stress levels than you usually … Continued

The Best Cannabis Strains For Relaxation

Cannabis for Relaxation At times it can be challenging to quiet a busy, stressed brain. While most non-medical cannabis users search for the perfect ‘high,’ many people seek relaxation and release stress and anxiety. Cannabis can provide this relief with just the right mix of THC and CBD but Indica dominant. Don’t get tripped up … Continued

The Best Strains For Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem for Americans. In fact, it is believed that 1 in 4 Americans experience episodes of acute insomnia each year. As a result, many people turn to cannabis to help them sleep – and for good reason. THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, is known to induce sleep. Additionally, certain … Continued

Cannabis For Pain: The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why people turn to medical marijuana. Dealing with chronic pain can negatively affect numerous aspects of one’s life, and is not only unpleasant but also frustrating.  More and more people are turning to cannabis for pain relief. Research shows that some of the cannabinoids found in … Continued

Get Joyful with These Happy Indica Strains

During the holidays, things can get exceedingly hectic and stressful. Luckily, in the age of cannabis legalization, there are plenty of relaxing indicas available to help melt away the season’s anxiety. These premium indica strains will help you add some more cheer to your holidays. Get Joyful with These Happy Indica Strains Super Glue Super … Continued

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Super fast delivery…anywhere from 15-30 minutes in the 3 times I’ve ordered so far. Really good selection of flower and edibles, awesome FTP gifts, and awesome people like Jorge and especially Ken the Kandy Man. Ken is sure to make your day or night every time he comes through whether it’s from conversation or some delicious candy. Overall best delivery service I’ve ever had — 10/10 recommend!!

- Gabe K.

Super prompt responses, good first time deal, and fast delivery! Would order again. Never had a weed delivery that arrived this fast

- Arden B.

Super great delivery to be honest. I have been buying from this place about every week for almost a year now they already have moist and fresh bud. The girls there are friendly and will help you with any questions you have. They really do want to make sure you get what you want and are satisfied. Prices are a little high but overall really great place. I keep coming back!!

- Lindsey G.
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